Key Data:

  • 21%-27% – Average ACS client reduction of MOD Rate
  • 80% – Average increase in OSHA fines effective August 1, 2016
  • 60% – Percentage of CFO’s that reported at least $2 returned for each $1 invested in safety
  • 17.1% to 19.6% – Amount of increase for WC premiums in Florida

How we make it easy

Keeping up with safety and health regulations, constantly monitoring job sites for hazards, training workers, and documenting safety efforts can be overwhelming.  OSHA workplace safety compliance doesn’t have to be difficult, or expensive.  At Ultimate Risk Solutions, we’ve made OSHA Compliance EASY! Our experts have taken the thousands of pages that you are supposed to read, and filtered them down into 5 easy steps! No more reading through regulations that don’t apply to you. No more hours searching for what you need.  Our 5 Step Solution© takes the guesswork out of compliance!