“You can come and play now!”Barry Guiler

partnerBarry Guiler sure knew how to talk to aliens.  And, it turns out, so do we!

Ultimate Risk Solutions is proud to be an AlienVault Certified Partner!

In 2015 we partnered with AlienVault to offer our customers a simple and affordable way to address threat detection, incident response and compliance.

Here’s a quick overview of the AlienVault technology:

AlienVault USM unified, simple and affordable solution for advanced threat detection, incident response and compliance management. AlienVault USM delivers all of the essential security controls required for complete security visibility – asset discovery, vulnerability assessment, intrusion detection, behavioral monitoring and integrated threat intelligence. The easy to consume threat intelligence allows organizations to detect the latest threats and prioritize response efforts.

Specifically, AlienVault will be the heart of you security program by providing:

  • Asset Discovery – active and passive network discovery
  • Vulnerability Assessment – active network scanning, continuous vulnerability monitoring
  • SIEM – log management, SIEM event correlation, analysis, and reporting
  • Real-time botnet detection – identifies infection and misuse of corporate assets
  • Data exfiltration detection – prevents leakage of sensitive and proprietary data
  • Command-and-control traffic (C&C) identification – identifies compromised systems communicating with malicious actors
  • IP, URL, and domain reputation data – prioritizes response efforts by identifying known bad actors and infected sites
  • APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) detection – detects targeted attacks often missed by other defenses
  • Dynamic incident response and investigation guidance – provides customize instructions on how to respond and investigate each alert

Simply put, AlienVault USM provides the “intelligence” to analyze security data and detect or prevent threats in real time.  And it does all this at cost your small business can afford.

We’re excited.  Once you see what AlienVault can do, you will be excited too!  And when you see the low price for all the features, well, let’s just say your mind will be blown.

So, take Barry Guiler’s advice: Come and play now….for free!  Download your USM trial here. Or, if you’d rather see how easy AlienVault USM is to use without installing it, check out the live interactive demo here!

Watch this intro video to learn more about AlienVault USM:

Of course, you can always contact your friends at Ultimate Risk Solutions for more information and pricing! We’re here to help!